George Robert confirmed for Infor (Industrial)

Casting Director: Liz Lewis Talent Agent: Take 3 Talent Infor is a privately held U.S. (New York) software company that specializes in enterprise software ranging from financial systems and resource planning to supply chain and customer relationships. Infor has circa $3 billion in revenue , 70,000+ customers, and more than 12,400 employees. Infor supports customers [...]

George Robert confirmed for Jack Black L.L.C.!

Casting Agent: Abbey Lynn Jack Black L.L.C. provides skin care products for men. It offers anti-aging products, shaving creams, cleansers, moisturizers, antimicrobial wound gels, oil-free solutions, clear complexion lotions, and after-shave gels. The company also offers lip, hand and body, sun, and hair care products, as well as fragrance and travel products; and sunglasses, running [...]

George Robert confirmed for AutoNation!

Casting Agent: Abbey Lynn Casting Director: Kipperman AutoNation is the largest automotive retailer in the United States and is the leading provider of new and pre-owned vehicles.  AutoNation owns and operates over 310 franchises throughout the United States. The current Chairman, CEO, and President is Mike Jackson, former CEO of Mercedes-Benz North America. The Chief Operations [...]